The Predatory Underworld of Companies that Target Veterans for a Buck

Tariq Habash and Mike Saunders |

The recent law enforcement crackdown on for-profit colleges is well documented. These schools mislead students by promising a fast track to a brighter future and then loaded students up with mountains of debt for worthless degrees—a form of consumer fraud that stretches back for decades. But the public may be...

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Lawyers and Student Debt

Kate Sablosky Elengold |

Readers of this blog will not be surprised at the sheer number of Americans who are burdened by student debt—more than 44 million—or the jaw-dropping aggregate debt load that easily tops $1.4 trillion dollars. Nor will readers be surprised that borrowers are struggling under the weight of that debt. What...

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Demanding Justice in the Bluegrass State

Seth Frotman and Ben Carter |

Today, the Student Borrower Protection Center partnered with the Kentucky Equal Justice Center (KEJC) to support Attorney General Beshear’s fight to protect student loan borrowers.

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A New Foundation of Scholarship to Protect Borrowers

By Dalié Jiménez, Jonathan Glater, and Stacey Tutt |

This week, we announced a new partnership between the University of California, Irvine School of Law and SBPC. Our project, the Student Loan Law Initiative, is a first-of-its kind collaboration between scholars and advocates to bring an end to the student debt crisis by creating a new foundation of legal...

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It’s Time to Fight Back

By Seth Frotman |

In the three minutes it takes you to read this blog, another six student loan borrowers will needlessly default on a student loan. These defaults will destroy their credit and jeopardize their financial future. It may even cost them their job.

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