The nation’s first academic center focused solely on student debt and the law

The SBPC’s partnership with UC Irvine School of Law is bringing together leading consumer law scholars to develop a body of rigorous academic research on student loans. Through innovative, impactful scholarship and data-driven research, SLLI is exposing the breadth of the student debt crisis.

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SLLI hosts events and convenings that provide opportunities to foster high-quality academic research on the student loan market. The events bring together scholars, researchers, and practitioners to address disparities in the market and protect borrowers with a strategic and coordinated approach.

Student Loan Policy and Litigation Colloquium

On October 4th, 2019, SLLI convened leading legal scholars, student loan experts, and practitioners from across the country to share their work and shape the future of student loan research and litigation.

SLLI Law Review Symposium

On February 21, 2020, legal scholars and advocates from around the country gathered at the campus of UCI School of Law for the first ever law review symposium dedicated exclusively to the question of student loan law.


SLLI’s research program awards grants and utilizes proprietary data sets to support scholars and organizations whose research is providing policymakers and advocates with critical information for addressing the student debt crisis.

Grant Program
SLLI’s research grants are awarded to experts across a wide range of fields to support their work.

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Proprietary Data
SLLI has acquired two proprietary datasets to allow researchers to gain unique insight into the student debt crisis.

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Other SLLI Work

SLLI research informs & supports litigation, policy, and advocacy at SBPC and beyond.

What Is “Credit”? AfterPay, Earnin’, and ISAs

Georgetown University Law Center Professor Adam Levitin highlights how new financial products designed for students are in fact “credit” under the law.

Lawyers and Student Debt

Professor Kate Sablosky Elengold of the North Carolina School of Law examines the importance of legal avenues for pursuing justice for student loan borrowers.

Why is the Department of Education Dragging its Feet on Debt Relief for Disabled Veterans?

Georgetown University Law Center Professor John Brooks examines why the Department of Education is dragging its feet on discharging the student loan debt of permanently disabled veterans.

A New Foundation of Scholarship to Protect Borrowers

The Student Loan Law Initiative is a first-of-its kind collaboration between scholars and advocates to bring an end to the student debt crisis by creating a new foundation of legal scholarship that works for borrowers.