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Hours-long hold times with their student-loan company are keeping public servants in a ‘limbo period’ wondering if they’ll get the debt relief they qualify for

Aissa Canchola Bañez, senior advisor for policy and strategy at advocacy group Student Borrower Protection Center, told Insider that borrowers experiencing these challenges should be filing complaints with the Education Department. "The best way that we can change these practices is shedding light on just how egregious and how systemic some...
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Biden’s student-loan forgiveness can move forward for now after a federal judge just threw out one of the most serious GOP lawsuits against the debt relief

"Today, a federal judge confirmed what lawyers in and out of government have long known: Joe Biden can cancel student debt broadly and immediately," Mike Pierce, executive director of advocacy group Student Borrower Protection Center, said in a statement. "As right-wing politicians and corrupt corporations fight against this historic effort...
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