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Student-loan borrowers’ ‘monthly costs could rise dramatically’ this year if Biden’s debt relief gets struck down, Elizabeth Warren says. She wants to know how that would impact you.

In a series of letters Massachusetts Sen. Warren sent out on Wednesday, she asked nearly 20 advocacy groups — including the NAACP, the Student Borrower Protection Center, and The Debt Collective — how the efforts to block President Joe Biden's plan to cancel up to $20,000 in student debt for federal borrowers...
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What student-loan borrowers should know about Biden’s new debt relief proposals — and why advocates argue they’re not enough

Advocates lauded the proposed improvements but expressed disappointment with this exclusion. "It ignores the reality that low-income families—especially low-income families of color—are more likely to rely on Parent PLUS loans or need to get a graduate degree to earn the same salary as their wealthier white peers," Persis Yu, deputy executive director...
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