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Civil Rights and Student Debt

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

Letter Re: Concerns about Impact of Student Loan Servicing and Debt Collection Changes and Undermined Regulations on Black and Latino Borrowers

A letter from the LCCHR and dozens of other civil rights groups and student organizations urging the Department of Education to acknowledge and address the impact of student debt on communities of color.

Brookings Institution 

The Looming Student Loan Default Crisis is Worse than We Thought

A comprehensive report assessing student debt and default from origination to 20 years into repayment, and finding that debt and default among African American borrowers is at crisis levels.

Center for American Progress

New Federal Data Show a Student Loan Crisis for African American Borrowers

A report detailing the long-term impact student debt has on African American borrowers.

Robert Kelchen

New Data on Long-Term Student Loan Default Rates

An analysis of 12-year default rates by race and institution type.  

Washington Center for Equitable Growth

How the Student Debt Crisis Affects African Americans and Latinos

The Washington Center for Equitable Growth’s analysis of consumer credit panel data, finding that delinquency disproportionately affects minority communities.


The Debt Divide: The Racial and Class Bias Behind the “New Normal” of Student Borrowing

A report looking at how the “new normal” of debt-financed higher education and how communities of color, with  disproportionately less wealth and less access to traditional ladders of economic opportunity, are impacted.

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