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COVID Administrative Wage Garnishment Borrower Response Form

The SBPC is concerned that student loan companies collecting on federal student loans in default are breaking the law. In May 2021, Guidance from the Department of Education (ED) directed these companies, known as “Guaranty Agencies” to stop all debt collection, including wage garnishment, as part of Joe Biden’s effort to help student loan borrowers weather the COVID-19 pandemic. If your student loan company garnished your wages in June, July, or August 2021 – the months after the ED told these companies to cease collections – we want to hear from you.  

We also want to hear from all borrowers who have had their wages garnished to repay a federal student loan since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and have not automatically received a full refund for any money taken since March 2020.

If your student loan company garnished your wages in June, July or August 2021 or if your student loan company has not refunded your garnished wages for any amount taken since March 2020, please fill out the form below:

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