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Events Convening on Workers, TRAPs, and the Economy

Convening on Workers, TRAPs, and the Economy

8:30 AM EST – 3:30 PM EST


Convening on Workers, TRAPs, and the Economy

December 4-5, 2023

This event was hosted at UC Irvine by SBPC, Governing for Impact, Towards Justice, the NYU Wagner Labor Initiative, and the UC Student Loan Law Initiative (SLLI) and featured affected workers; lawmakers; federal, state, and local enforcement officials; scholars; and advocates. Together, the group examined the risks posed by Training Repayment Agreement Provisions (TRAPs) and other employer-driven debt on workers and the economy.

In tandem, Governing for Impact, Towards Justice, American Economic Liberties Project, and SBPC released a compendium of legal memos and letters outlining how the federal government can curb one driver of such debt: “Stay-or-Pay” contracts. A full copy of the compendium, Stay-or-Pay: Federal Actions to End Modern-Day Indentured Servitude Across the Economy, is available here:

For detailed background on stay-or-pay contracts and short summaries of each report in the compendium, a fact sheet is available here: 

DAY 1: Monday,
December 4

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