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Events What Does The Future of Income-Driven Repayment Look Like?

What Does The Future of Income-Driven Repayment Look Like?

12:30 PM EDT – 1:30 PM EDT

Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) was meant to offer millions of federal student loan borrowers a pathway out from under historic levels of student debt. Unfortunately, IDR’s track record of success in making student loans affordable and time-limited is mixed. A growing body of analysis points to significant problems with the implementation and current design of IDR, leaving borrowers saddled with debts they cannot afford or escape even after decades of repayment.

As the Department of Education weighs the future of IDR, the SBPC convened leading advocates for a panel discussion to examine the challenges that have affected the program since its inception, and highlight a range of viewpoints on what can be done to improve IDR going forward.

IDR Paper Series:
Improving & Delivering Relief

In conjunction with the upcoming discussion, the SPBC has released a series of reports examining ways to strengthen the  IDR program, including as it relates to affordability, increased enrollment, and increased borrower protections.

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