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Help Us End Abuses by Predatory Student Lenders and Schools

The Student Borrower Protection Center is concerned that companies and schools pushing a risky kind of private student loan known as an Income Share Agreement (ISA) are breaking the law. ISA lenders like Vemo and Stride Funding, coding academies and bootcamps like Make School and Lambda School, and large public colleges like Purdue University have all been implicated in schemes to deceive, defraud, or discriminate against students.

If this has happened to you, your story can help inform regulators and lawmakers as they oversee the schools and lenders pushing these high-cost financial products on students. The Student Borrower Protection Center does not provide legal representation to individual borrowers, but we can help connect you with resources and additional support. 

If you have been offered or taken on an Income Share Agreement to pay for education or training expenses, including at a college or university, and you would like to share your story, please fill out this form:

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