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National Student Debt Resources

Higher Ed, Not Debt

Mapping Student Debt

A zip code-level look at student debt distress across America.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

50 State Snapshot of Student Debt

A state-by-state snapshot of how student debt and borrower complaints are spread across the country.

The Institute for College Access and Success

Project on Student Debt: State by State Data

TICAS’s 13th annual report on student debt at graduation.

Roosevelt Institute

Who Pays? How Industry Insiders Rig the Student Loan System—and How to Stop It

A Roosevelt Institute report showing how powerful industry players have succeeded in taking what they need from the student loan system while justifying their extractive actions as being what is best for the public and for students.

American Federation of Teacher

How State Tax Dollars Funded a Secretive Lobbying Group to Gut Protections for Student Loan Borrowers

An AFT report describing how NCHER, an industry trade group, is using taxpayer money to fight regulations designed to protect borrowers.

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