As the burden of student debt continues to grow, its shadow spreads across our neighborhoods, affecting local economies and city labor markets. This debt drives shortages in critical professions, including the teachers, nurses, and other public servants who make our cities work. Making matters worse, student loan defaults concentrate in the most economically distressed communities—magnifying gaps in wealth and driving inequality.

It’s time to stop waiting for Washington to act.

Across the country, cities are joining the fight to protect student loan borrowers and taking action to halt abuses by the student loan industry. They are helping borrowers take control of their debt, get on their feet, and keep giving back to their communities.

This means leveraging the power of city government to meet borrowers where they are:

  • Holding predatory lenders, servicers, debt collectors, and colleges accountable when they break the law;
  • Exposing the true costs of student debt and addressing the disparate impacts that the broken student loan market has on our communities; and
  • Connecting millions of people who already rely on cities for services and benefits with the information and tools they need to tackle their student debt.

The Student Borrower Protection Center is helping city governments from coast to coast develop solutions to our nation’s student debt crisis and empowering local leaders to stand up for student loan borrowers.

Cities on the front lines:

New York City
Department of Consumer

District of Columbia
Office of the Attorney

San Francisco 
Office of Financial

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