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Private Student Loan Collections

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National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts. Navient. Sallie Mae. Jefferson Capital. Student Loan Solutions.

Sound familiar?

For years, predatory companies have been hauling private student loan borrowers into court to collect on debts that companies often can’t prove they own. The Student Borrower Protection Center and the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles are collecting stories to shed light on the egregious practices used by collectors of private student loan debt to expose how these companies exploit the California court system to rip off borrowers.

Legal aid attorneys throughout California have been on the frontlines helping borrowers navigate a system that is stacked against them. We want to hear their stories.

Have you represented a client who was illegally pursued for a debt? Was your client a single parent? Unemployed? Disabled? We want to better understand who is struggling against these companies and how the pursuit of these debts makes your clients’ lives harder.

We are specifically looking for collection actions filed since 2015 against borrowers living in California. We hope to use these stories to show the lived experiences of Californians who fall victim to a broken system.

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