The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program was created to provide public service workers with student loan debt relief in exchange for a decade of service in their communities. Unfortunately, since its inception, the program has been mishandled and undermined by the Department of Education and the student loan industry. As a result, millions of public service workers have been cheated out of their right to loan forgiveness guaranteed under federal law.

The SBPC is working with partners to expose mismanagement and abuse in the PSLF program and to advocate for reforms to better protect borrowers working in public service.

Supporting Public Servants:

Keeping the Promise of Public Service Loan Forgiveness

This report details the SBPC and the American Federation of Teacher’s joint investigation into allegations of rampant mismanagement and industry abuses undermining the federal PSLF program.

SBPC and Labor Unions Demand CFPB Crackdown on Illegal Practices that Deny Public Service Workers Access to Loan Forgiveness

In a letter to CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger, the SBPC and labor unions, demand the CFPB utilize its authorities to protect student loan borrowers working in public service.

PSLF in the News:


Exclusive: Turf War Blocked CFPB From Helping Fix Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Now NPR has learned that the nation’s most powerful consumer watchdog, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, launched an effort to fix problems but the Trump administration blocked it from trying to help.

A Teacher’s Student Loans Were Forgiven. Then FedLoan Wrecked His Credit

The forgiveness program is just one part of a fundamentally broken student loan servicing system, as the Department of Education’s own inspector general pointed out last week. 

The Washington Post

Seeking Forgiveness: The Dizzying Journey for Public Servants with Student Debt

To understand the complexity of the dispute process, it’s important to first understand the complexity of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.


Unions Press CFPB Over Public Service Loan Forgiveness

The letter, led by the Student Loan Borrower Protection Center and American Federation of Teachers, was signed by unions that collectively represent more than 17 million workers.

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