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Domino: A Blog About Student Debt

Ben Kaufman and Mike Pierce |

Without Strong Consumer Protections, a History of Borrower Harm Will Repeat Itself During the COVID-Era Rise in Credentialization

With millions of newly unemployed Americans desperate for help, unscrupulous schools and lenders are pouncing. Without substantial, immediate, and sustained action, tens of billions of dollars will flow to predatory programs that will harm borrowers, their communities, and our country for decades to come—just like in the last recession.
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Benjamin Roesch |

Coding Bootcamps Offering ISAs May Be Unlawfully Depriving Students of the Ability to Protect Themselves from Fraud

The results of a new investigation published today by the SBPC offer new evidence that for-profit coding bootcamps and ISA companies may be systemically violating federal law by omitting a legally mandated term from the contracts underlying students’ ISAs—language required under the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) “Holder Rule.”
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Seth Frotman and Tamara Cesaretti |

Maryland is Poised to End the Predatory Student Loan Debt Collection Machine that Barreled on Amidst COVID-19

Despite the devastating public health and economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, student loan companies continue to haul borrowers into courtrooms across the country. Every day, we see more of these unconscionable lawsuits, including cases brought by companies that once publicly pledged to halt these practices in the first...
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