One More Way States Can Step Up as Betsy DeVos Rolls Back Legal Protections

Tariq Habash |

For-profit schools have a long track record of engaging in fraudulent and deceptive tactics to entice vulnerable students to enroll—often charging significantly more than their nonprofit counterparts. Once enrolled, many of these students are pressured into taking out high-cost loans for what are often worthless degrees.

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New Funding Opportunity: Join Us in Helping to End the Student Debt Crisis

Jonathan Glater, Dalié Jiménez, and Rebecca Maurer |

To help move the needle, today, the Student Loan Law Initiative, a partnership of the Student Borrower Protection Center (SBPC) and the University of California, Irvine School of Law (UCI Law), is launching a new grants program to support researchers who want to begin tackling these questions.

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20 Questions to the CFPB

Mike Pierce |

We’ve put together some helpful questions to the agencies in an attempt to get a handle on what this new scheme means for borrowers. The answers to these questions will determine whether borrowers are getting a bad deal and also whether these agencies are breaking the law.

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Who is Watching Out for Students?

Kaitlyn Vitez and Mike Pierce |

Attending college can be one of the most important and expensive financial decisions in a person's life. Adding to that expense, many financial institutions and schools partner to offer and aggressively market their banking products on campus. Students with these accounts often end up paying hundreds of dollars or more...

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Fighting for Borrowers’ Rights in Big Sky Country

Persis Yu and Seth Frotman |

For too long, the student loan industry has sought to sell judges on exotic legal theories to absolve these companies of the consequences of their abuses and deny borrowers their day in court. Today’s amicus brief, co-authored with Montana Legal Services and National Consumer Law Center, is the most recent...

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