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Student Debt Resources

Student debt is a struggle for everyone. However, certain groups are disproportionately burdened by student debt. These resources take a deeper look at this problem. 

A Nationwide Look at Student Debt

Higher Ed, Not Debt

Mapping Student Debt

A zip code-level look at student debt distress across America.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

50 State Snapshot of Student Debt

A state-by-state snapshot of how student debt and borrower complaints are spread across the country.

The Institute for College Access and Success

Project on Student Debt: State by State Data

TICAS’s 13th annual report on student debt at graduation.

Civil Rights and Student Debt

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

Letter Re: Concerns about Impact of Student Loan Servicing and Debt Collection Changes and Undermined Regulations on Black and Latino Borrowers

A letter from the LCCHR and dozens of other civil rights groups and student organizations urging the Department of Education to acknowledge and address the impact of student debt on communities of color.

Brookings Institution 

The Looming Student Loan Default Crisis is Worse than We Thought

A comprehensive report assessing student debt and default from origination to 20 years into repayment, and finding that debt and default among African American borrowers is at crisis levels.

Center for American Progress

New Federal Data Show a Student Loan Crisis for African American Borrowers

A report detailing the long-term impact student debt has on African American borrowers.

Women and Student Debt

American Association of University Women

Deeper in Debt

A report detailing the disproportionate burden of student debt on women, both in taking on more debt to complete school and then entering a workforce with gender pay disparities. 


Why America’s student debt is a women’s issue

An article highlighting how women hold more student debt than men, take longer to pay it off, and ultimately earn less than their counterparts despite holding higher degrees.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Student Debt Is Worse for Women

“[Women] borrow more than men do, and then earn less, making it harder for them to repay their loans.”

Older Americans and Student Debt

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

A nationwide look at how student debt impacts older adults

A 50-state snapshot of older Americans and the increasing burden of student loan debt.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Snapshot of older consumers and student loan debt

A government report detailing the obstacles seniors with student debt experience in the face of servicing breakdowns. 


Student Debt Sinks Retirees

An article detailing the rise of student debt for older Americans that highlights options for those suffering under the weight of this debt.

Servicemembers, Veterans, and Student Debt

U.S. Department of Justice

Nearly 78,000 Service Members to Begin Receiving $60 Million Under Department of Justice Settlement with Navient for Overcharging on Student Loans

Announcing a settlement between DOJ and Navient stemming from the company illegally charging nearly 78,000 servicemembers excess interest on their student loans, in violation of the SCRA. 

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Veterans: Take advantage of student loan forgiveness, but don’t let it damage your credit

A government consumer advisory highlighting credit reporting failures by student loan servicers for service-disabled veterans who are entitled to loan forgiveness.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Overseas & Underserved: Student Loan Servicing and the Cost to Our Men and Women in Uniform

A government report detailing complaints from servicemembers and veterans about student loan servicing breakdowns.

Public Servants and Student Debt

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Staying on track while giving back

A government report analyzing complaints from student loan borrowers pursuing Public Service Loan Forgiveness, but who are knocked off track by servicing failures.

The Century Foundation

Student Loan Borrower Relief Hiding in Plain Sight

A report detailing ways to improve the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.


Data Shows 99% Of Applicants For A Student Loan Forgiveness Program Were Denied

An interview highlighting the government’s failure to support borrowers working toward Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

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