The student loan industry has cheated millions of people out of their rights and tacked on billions of dollars in extra student debt along the way. Yet, less than one-in-six borrowers live in a state that has the power to oversee and crack down on abuses by predatory student loan companies.

We can change this.

We can turn the tide in states across the country and protect a generation of student loan borrowers. As state legislatures convene in 2019, they will take up new proposals to expand oversight of the student loan industry and protect borrowers.

A dozen states are leading the charge, championing progressive policy change by standing up for borrowers. But to win, advocates and policymakers need to overcome deceptive claims from Betsy DeVos and her industry allies that ‘everything is fine’ for student loan borrowers. Too often, these lobbyists dominate the debate, fudging facts and distorting data to silence borrowers and steer policy.

SBPC’s States for Borrower Protection provides support to advocates, policymakers, and anyone else working to protect borrowers by equipping them with the facts necessary to level the playing field. 

Getting the facts is the first step to driving reform. 
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